Make Me a Match
Mackenzie Lucas
Contemporary Romance

Widower Mark Cage needs help getting a date with a cute kindergarten teacher, only the last person on earth he’d ask is Athena Sullivan, Essence’s resident dating guru. Yet, Mark doesn’t have much of an option when his teenage daughter forces his hand and purchases a matchmaking package for him with the sexy relationship coach.

Sparks fly as Athena polishes Mark’s manners and helps him become dating savvy. Unfortunately, Mark begins to realize too late that the woman he thought he wanted is not the one he needs.

And, with the aid of The Soul Mate Tree, that his destined true love is closer than he’d imagined, if only he will open himself up to love a second time.

Uncaged Review: A fun and easy read, well worthy of The Soul Mate Tree series that it’s a part of. Since Mark lost his wife, he’s shied away from any commitments. When he sees the very sexy Athena at Essence, he thinks he immediately stereotypes her, and dislikes her on sight. When he learns she’s a relationship expert, and she will be his “relationship coach” bought for by his teenage daughter, Mark realizes that Athena is a lot more than just a sexy woman.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, is the main theme going on in this book, as people so often do. This is a nice shorter romance that had some fun banter even though Mark was a little too rough around the edges, and the book was a little too short to get a good connection to the characters. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

The Uncaged reviewing team, including myself, have read the majority of this series, The Soul Mate Tree. This series on a whole is highly recommended – not one of the stories have received less than 4 stars, and many of them received higher. They have just about everything, paranormal, contemporary, historical – a nice variety.