Lion’s Prey
Karin Shah

On the run . . .

Attempting to flee from a bank robbery he was blackmailed into, Chimera-shifter and former Army Ranger Tyler Gunn is a desperate man. Reeling from what he believes is the death of his twin, he knows he can’t control his lion if he’s arrested and he fears killing innocent people. His only hope is to get somewhere far away, where he can safely surrender to the feral side that has gnawed away at his humanity and is now a whisker away from locking him in his lion, forever.

Uncaged Review: The story revolves around Ty, a bank robbing Chimera/shifter struggling with the lion inside and Zara, the reporter he takes hostage when she recognizes him after he shields her from an explosion. As it turns out, there are reasons behind Ty’s bank robbing ways but still Zara has to keep reminding herself that the good looking man who has taken her hostage is a criminal. Add in a lost drug plane and you have loads of action and sexual tension. The exploration of the building romance between Ty and Zara is perfectly executed. The slow build fits perfectly into the story. With the addition of the set up for an additional sequel this book offers you all the action and romance you could ask for.
I had a hard time connecting with this book in the beginning. As the action and the story line continued, I found it became easier to move along with. I enjoyed the romantic tension and the great flow of action this book offered. I definitely plan to check out other books by this author to learn more about the other characters mentioned in this one. Reviewed by Rena

4 Stars