Kiss Me Deadly
Jessie Thomas
Paranormal Romance

A necromancer and a vampire walk into a cemetery…and if you’re wondering how this joke ends, that makes two of us.

I’m Seraphina Mason, Buffalo’s only resident necromancer. While other people are on normal sleep schedules doing regular human things, I spend my nights conjuring spirits, resurrecting the dead, and sometimes a bit of poltergeist removal, if you need it.

But I’m not even the most dangerous nocturnal creature lurking around the cemeteries.

That’s where vampire Nathaniel Caligari waltzes in–all devastating eternal beauty and brooding charm, ready to ruin my life. He’d rather have a wooden stake shoved through his chest than ask for my help, yet here we are. Turns out the bloodsucker has something of a heart after all because he’s desperate, fearing his missing son is dead.

Neither of us are excited about this, but I could really use the paycheck. So, we’re just going to have to set aside our petty insults and work together before this city buries his kid.

If we don’t kill each other first.

Uncaged Review: This is a pretty good start to a
series, but you have to slog through to the halfway
point before it picks up speed. It’s a slow
mover, and there are a lot of things that are never
fully explained and some things that are overly
explained. There is always a fine line that authors
walk to give enough information but not so
much as to slow the story down. This book has
a tendency to do both at times, but all-in-all, I’m
seriously looking forward to the next book in the

I like the characters, the plot is original and interesting,
and the slow burn romance is interesting. I
think the series will give us more of a back story
about Ellie, Rhys, Dev and even this entire paranormal
world. I will definitely move on to book
two when it’s available.

4 Stars