Lori Sizemore
Contemporary Comedy

Justine Montgomery, daughter of a divorced beauty queen and TV magnate, is a tabloid disaster after her infamous sex tape. She’s so desperate to help save her family’s home she turns to her deal-making dad. Can she prove to him she’s cut out for a career in television or will she lose it all?…

Uncaged Review: I just finished reading Infamous by Loring Sizemore and I loved it. Justine is a woman who should have it all but doesn’t. Sawyer is a guy that’s good at his job but has a few secrets. Instead of being a spoiled rich girl, Justine has had to fight for everything she wanted, especially since her wealthy father tries to control everything she does. When she and sawyer have to work together after a deal she makes with her dad, sparks and complications abound. Luckily, and probably after a lot of therapy, Justine pretty much knows all her dad’s tricks.

I really enjoyed Infamous. It was a fresh, enjoyable read with the perfect amount of conflict, resolution, and romance. Lor had me rooting for Justine and Sawyer the whole way through.

Anyone who loves a lighthearted romance will love Infamous. It has enough real emotion and depth to keep you turning the pages, and gives enough laughs to keep you going through the conflicts. Reviewed by Mercedes

5 Stars