A Soulmate for Christmas
Holiday Shorts

A SoulMate For Christmas, five stories that celebrate the wonder, the passion, and the spirit of love during the Christmas season.

I KNOW YOU, by Char Chaffin:
Star-crossed lovers, united by death on Christmas Eve, search every fifty years to find each other again.

Two lonely hearts come together during the holidays and discover their destiny.

STELLAR HEART, by Aliza Mann:
Would-be high school lovers Harper Stellar and Alexis Alston are back together to save his family business during the Christmas shopping season. Can they correct past mistakes and find their future?

A husband and wife, driven apart by tragedy, are given another chance during Christmas in the country.

HOLLY’S SECRET, by Angela Scavone:
A woman’s need to reveal the truth could ruin the holidays and cost her the man she loves.

Uncaged Review: 

I Know You by Char Chaffin

I Know You is a story built on the dream that two souls that are meant to be will always find their way back to each other. It begins on Christmas Eve, in 1812 and John is mortally wounded in war, and his love, Elizabeth finds him right before he dies in her arms, and before he dies he says, “I Know You.” Knowing she will never be able to live without John, Elizabeth makes the ultimate decision.

Every 50 years, the two souls find each other, but never are they able to be together in life. From Coraline and Benjamin in Boston, to Millicent and Richard in Philadelphia. Will the souls ever be together again? You’ll have to read for yourself, but the story is engaging, and in the short amount of time the author brings a quickly paced story that lets you hope that your soulmate is truly out there. Recommended. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars