Hotter than the Caribbean
Stacy Hoff
Contemporary Romance

Luis Serrano, the unwanted love child of a hotel construction magnate, is determined to reach his father’s level of success. When Luis finds himself pitted against his half-brother for control over their ailing father’s company, sibling rivalry comes to a head. The stakes are high. The brother who best completes their portion of the Caribbean construction project will gain control over the entire company. To win, Luis hires an interior design firm. But the firm will have to perform difficult work under serious time constraints.

Melanie Merritt is used to sibling rivalry. She’s always been second best to her older sister, the “golden child” of their parents’ interior design firm. Melanie’s desire is to be an artist. She works for her family to appease them. Her newest task is to implement a complex project for Luis Serrano under an impossibly short deadline. If she fails, her family’s company may go bankrupt. But Melanie can’t keep her too-creative ideas away from her family, and the client. 

Completing work on time won’t be easy. Especially when dual sibling rivalries threaten to destroy the project, and a passion hotter than the Caribbean.

Uncaged Review: This is a book that has all the great trappings of a good contemporary romance. A heartwarming read with two characters are perfectly blended. With both Melanie being the black sheep of her family, trying hard to keep the peace and Luis the illegitimate son of his father and fighting for the respect he’s earned and never given.
All the elements fall into place, and I truly enjoyed this read. With a high stakes design competition pitting brother against brother, and design firm against design firm, the rewards can make or break Mel or Luis. The romance is not a slow burn, but an easy alliance with a tense uphill battle. Easily recommended for romance lovers. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars