Hope’s Prelude 
L.G. O’Connor

While dealing with visions of her death, Dr. Sandra Wilson races against the clock to develop a genetic vaccine that will, in the future, save the life of the one who will lead the final battle between angels and demons.

Enter the world of the Angelorum and meet the Nephilim Rogue who has been dogging Simon, and get a view into the genetics project that started it all as destinies entwine to deliver us one step closer to battle. There are no coincidences…

Uncaged Review: Angels, demons and science – all mixed together. This book was actually written after two others in the series, but it looks like it is better read first, as it gives some key information about some characters and the fight between good and evil. Make sure you are awake, and not a bit sleepy when you read, or you may miss an important detail, there is not a lot of fat in this book. The book chapters jump between Sandra, a Nephilim and scientist on the Angel side trying to find a way to save Cara, a woman who has no idea she’s a Nephilim and can turn the tide in the battle, and the Nephilim Samuel, who was captured and raised on the Demon side, and not knowing who he truly was until he was older.
Suspense, mystery and the age-old struggle between ultimate good and ultimate evil. What could be better? Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars