Highland Pursuits
Emmanuelle de Maupassant
20th Century Romantic Comedy

A wickedly naughty romantic comedy.

It’s 1928, and defiant debutante Lady Ophelia Finchingfield is banished to the Highlands of Scotland, having refused a marriage proposal from the Earl of Woldershire. Ophelia isn’t willing to marry just to please her mother, and certainly not to a man she finds sexually unappealing.

Removed to such a remote and unsophisticated location, Ophelia is expected to come to her senses. However, she discovers a new independence at Castle Kintochlochie, under the guidance of her sassy grandmother, Lady Morag.

Instead of being consigned to an ill-matched marriage, why shouldn’t Ophelia take over the governance of the Castle and the wider estate?

A bizarre selection of suitors are soon presenting themselves, but Ophelia remains one step ahead, until she begins to harbor feelings for Hamish, the Castle’s estate manager. 

To Ophelia’s annoyance, he’s already spoken for, and glamorous French coquette Felicité has no intention of letting ruggedly attractive Hamish slip from the service of her bed.

Intrigue abounds, as Ophelia discovers that there’s more to her rival than meets the eye, and that the Castle is a hotbed of illicit cavorting.

Uncaged Review: Set in the 1920’s, Ophelia is sent off to stay in Scotland at her grandmother’s house. Her family is hoping this will tame her wild ways after declining a marriage proposal.

This is a little naughty but fun read involving Ophelia and her charming dog and there adventures of what they get up to in Scotland. A short read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars