High Warrior
Kathryn Le Veque
Historical/Ancient World

A big Irish knight, much beloved by his English men, faces his biggest challenge when an injury nearly claims his life… and his confidence as a warrior. A USA Today Bestseller 4/25/18!

The man known as the “High Warrior” is an Irish knight with an English overlord. Sir Bric MacRohan serves the House of de Winter as the head of the de Winter war machine. He is big, loud, and fearless.

Once the most aggressive, all-powerful knight in the realm, a great injury forces Bric to realize that he is, indeed, mortal. Though he recovers from the injury, it changes how he commands his men and how he handles himself in battle. Mentally, his is far more injured than he is, physically.

Enter Lady Eiselle de Gael. The daughter of a bastard of the Earls of East Anglia, Eiselle is ‘gifted’ to Bric by a very dear friend as a reward for saving the man’s life. The lady is resigned, but Bric is positively adverse. He doesn’t see it as a reward; he sees it as a punishment.

But what they didn’t expect was how much they would come to love each other.

When the greatest swordsman that England has ever seen lays down his weapon due to battle fatigue, it’s up to Eiselle and those who love Bric to help the man regain his confidence as a warrior, and to once again do what he was born to do. Men like Sean de Lara… Dashiell du Reims… and many more recognizable knights from Le Veque’s Medieval world all pull together to help Bric recover what he has lost… himself.

Uncaged Review: The next time someone hears me say that I’m going to read a Kathryn Le Veque novel while I’m sick and already going through a box a tissues an hour, they need to steal my Kindles. This book took me through the emotional wringer – so my tissue count went way up.

One of the greatest things about this author’s books, is they are all connected in some way. One of my favorite characters I’ve loved from Le Veque’s books is Dashiel, who we met in Godspeed, and he is back in this book, and not as a one page cameo appearance. He’s a full on supporting cast member which just sweetened the pot for me. But I also fell in love with Bric and Eiselle. When Bric was going through a tough time and a form of PTSD for Knights of his caliber, I went through plenty of extra tissues. But then there was laughter, tears of joy and outright cheering. To see Eiselle become the strong woman she was meant to be was satisfying. To see the camaraderie of the Knights and the strength of their bond was amazing.

The attention paid to true historical detail is always woven into the stories. The reader will feel like they are there, witnessing the story unfold, not just reading it, and feeling the emotions the characters are feeling.

So my hat’s off to Kathryn for another winner, she knocked it out of the park again. I have a long way to go to get through all of Kathryn’s books and they all read well as standalones, but I know it will only enhance my experience with her characters by reading the full catalog. I just have to make sure I don’t have a cold when I pick up another of her books.  Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars