Hellhound Blues
Orlando A. Sanchez
Urban Fantasy

A hungry hellhound is a dangerous hellhound.

When the bond Peaches shares with Simon is interrupted, Peaches knows something is wrong.

He must locate Simon before his body begins to expand. With nowhere to turn, Peaches visits their new next-door neighbor, Cecelia, an eight-year-old ice mage, and Tristan’s new apprentice. Cecelia’s guardian, Rags, a Garmr hound informs them they need an experienced mage to help them find Simon.

Peaches knows just who to call and locates Frank, a thorny dragon with a bad attitude and magical ability. Together, they must locate Simon before it’s too late and Peaches grows to the size of a bus. Worse, it’s been thirty minutes since Peaches last had a sausage and he’s getting hungry…

Uncaged Review: The fans of Peaches wanted a story centered around the hellhound, and Mr. Sanchez delivers with gusto! This is a fun short story with plenty of action and a story of substance you don’t often see with the short novellas.

Simon and Peaches bond has been interrupted, and that only means trouble – for both. Peaches must enlist the help of Cecelia, the child ice-mage that is in training with Monty, her guardian (I’ll let you read about that little nugget) Rags, and a dragon, Frank.

I laughed and cheered on Peaches and his “Brew & Chew” club, and it was a fun read. It will be a lot of fun to read more adventures from this little trio, and if that doesn’t get you, Peaches has a crush on Rags…..and remember – meat is life. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars