Graveyard Druid
M.D. Massey
Urban Fantasy

When the local vampire coven hires him to stop an undead outbreak at the city graveyard, it sounds like money in the bank to everyone’s favorite down on his luck druid, Colin McCool. But when you’re cursed by an ancient fae sorceress with a score to settle, nothing is ever as it seems…

Colin McCool here, otherwise known as the Junkyard Druid. Not my favorite title, but since it’s my only title I guess I’m stuck with it.

But hey, things are looking up. Sure, a powerful and sentient magical artifact may have taken up residence inside my skull, and I’m still burdened with a nasty curse cast by an ancient sorceress of the Tuatha Dé Danann…

…but I’m trying really hard to look on the bright side of things.

Seeing as how I’ve been dragged back into the world of the fae, I figure I may as well be of use. And if I can make a little scratch while using my druidic talents for good and not evil, so much the better.

Which is why I took this job working for Austin’s vampire coven, cleaning up a ghoul infestation at the city cemetery. It’s not their work and they don’t want the heat, so they hired me to take care of it before it gets out of hand.

Easiest. Job. Ever. I’ll just whack a few ghouls, hide the bodies, and collect my fee.

I mean, seriously—what could possibly go wrong?

Uncaged Review: The second installment of this series has the author and his character really coming together nicely. This series is one of those that gets better and better. This time out, Colin has to bring down a powerful necromancer – but it won’t be easy and Colin will need help. I like that Colin is different than the normal heroes in the urban fantasy genre and the pacing is much better in this second book. The world here is building nicely and the snarky Colin is on point. There are some great secondary characters that Colin has built around him, whether he did it on purpose or not. Looking forward to book three. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars