Ghost’s Whisper
Ella Summers

The enemy isn’t a monster or a demon this time. It is fear, the destroyer of worlds.

Life has never been better for Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos. She is married to the archangel Nero Windstriker, the love of her life. And she commands a vast territory, surrounded by her closest friends and family.

Everything is perfect—until the Earth’s magic goes haywire. Now blood has become poison to vampires, witches are being killed by their own potions, and beasts can pass right through the magic barrier that separates civilization from the plains of monsters. And with each new incident, uncertainty and fear are growing stronger in both humans and supernaturals, driving them to violence.

If Leda can’t find a way to stop these phenomena, it won’t just be the end of all magic on Earth. It will be the end of humanity itself.

Uncaged Review: I’m not really sure how the author keeps upping the game with this series. This series never seems old hat to me, and I love the characters as much now, as I did in the first book. I would love to have a few days off from life in general just to re-read this entire series. It’s that good.

In this installment, supernaturals are dying by their own magic. When they use their magic, it backfires on them and is killing them. On top of it all, Nero and Leda are at odds with each other so Leda is working alone. Things get really moving when Leda hires bounty hunters to track down a rogue fallen angel.

This book will twist and turn and pull out all the stops. Action packed from the first pages to the end and having Nero and Leda at odds is traumatizing, for the both of them and for me! This is a highly recommended series that anyone who loves urban fantasy will enjoy. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars