Gabriel’s Redemption
Joel Crofoot
Fantasy Romance

Gabriel has buried himself in work to prevent the demons from ever winning another battle, but when his brother invites Anachel to their home, avoidance of his memories and emotions is no longer an option.

Anachel has waited for Gabriel to come back to her since he suffered a great loss during WWII, but she can wait no longer. Is he ready for a reunion, or will she lose him forever?

The demons are still on the hunt for the first angel/demon hybrid, but what happens when they find it?

Uncaged Review: As the sixth book in a series, where I hadn’t read the first five; the author does a great job making sure the reader can pick up this book and not be lost. It may have enhanced my reading of this book to have the back story on the other five, but I don’t think it would have changed my views, I never felt lost.

Gabriel seems to be one of the most broken of the Angels, and carrying the most guilt. The one thing that the author does that is a stretch for me, even in a fantasy, is make the WWII bombing be the fault of demons instead of humans. That said, Gabriel feels the burden of guilt because he couldn’t stop it in time because he rescued another Angel, his love, Anachel. Him getting past the guilt and starting to believe in himself is the basis of this story.

This story has plenty of action, a small helping of romance and great characters with a shot of suspense. Probably would be worth it to start at book one in the series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars