Fireflies of the Dead
Eric Kapitan

Fireflies of the Dead is a collection of poetry and short stories. Exposing images of the strange, the grotesque and morbidly macabre.

An alien from a distant world falls to earth with an insatiable craving for human flesh and something even more frightening, a desire to mate! Witness the tragic tale of a lonely man with an unhealthy affection toward the fire.

Seven short stories and poems that will take you on a blood-soaked thrill ride filled with mayhem and horrific images.

Uncaged Review: A collection of very dark and twisted tales and poems. Not for the easily offended as this author likes to push the reader to the extreme. With some of the stories showing some talented writing others left me feeling a little uncomfortable. So yes this book did leave an impression on me. After reading this book I thought the last story in the book was the best in the book. Featuring a thirty-something Noah who hates his job and is still living with his parent’s. Goes a little stir crazy with an online virtual world game. This book is a good read if you can overlook the Dark Sexual elements of the stories throughout the book. I would give this book adults only warning due to its extreme graphic nature. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars