Fire Maidens: London
Anna Lowe
Fantasy Romance

“Rebel with a cause” Gemma Archer flees Boston one step ahead of a creepy stalker. Now she’s in London, trying to build a new normal — and absolutely, positively not getting involved with any men. That is, until an irresistible stranger prowls into her life. Liam is a sweet, sexy modern-day knight who sparks her sizzling desires. The problem? He’s as loony as some of her relatives. Dragons? Lion shifters? Werewolves? The poor man really seems to believe the tales he spins.

Liam Bennett is fresh out of the military and doing his best to adjust to civilian life. But fitting in was never his forte as a shifter of mixed blood. He’s part lion — a member of London’s most noble family — and part rogue, with “undesirable” dragon blood. When the Guardians of London hire him to help maintain law and order, Liam jumps at the chance to prove himself. Soon, he discovers nothing is as it seems — not among his allies, enemies, or even his own family. The only thing he can be sure of is the danger Gemma is in.

A deadly foe has stalked Gemma for thousands of miles, and Liam has no choice but to spirit away his destined mate to his ancestral dragon home — the remote castle in Wales he’s been avoiding for years. But hiding out is not enough. Can Liam and Gemma survive cunning enemies and the deceptions of the past?

Uncaged Review: In this second book of this series, we get Liam and Gemma’s story. We met Liam in the first of the series, but these books definitely can read as standalones. Liam is the lion-shifter with dual bloodlines, lion and dragon, so the Guardians consider him – of mixed heritage and undesirable because of the dragon bloodlines from his father, but when they see that Gemma – a Fire Maiden, they task Liam to the job of seducing her and bringing her in to the Guardians. But Gemma is Liam’s mate, he feels it deep in his soul, so how will he convince Gemma that she’s his soul mate after she finds out about his orders?

It’s fun to get to know these two, Liam is still the same sexy, fun shifter we met before and Gemma is a strong heroine that shows she’s not a pushover or someone to be kept in a corner. The action scenes are fantastic, the sex scenes – hot, and the world building is still developing with this world and the author makes you feel like you are there. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next one.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars