Erotica For Women
Liberty Stone

Erotica for Women is for adults only. Ruby lives carefree; she does what she wants, she sleeps with who she wants, and she never thinks twice. She has everything in life except a guy who can challenge her witty ways, as well as her sexual appetite. Will she ever find a guy who can give her the erotic romance she wants so bad?

Uncaged Review: Ruby is looking for a good time, no strings attached sex. After a not-so-fun night with a random guy from Tinder, she’s called into her dad’s office the next morning. Told to grow up and settle down or no more trust fund she agrees to working for her dad. Even though the money sucks she gets a shiny new apartment. The mail arrives and there’s a rather cool invitation to a masquerade party, where people can have fun and go wild.

I think the storyline is quite dangerous and fun. Liberty Stone always likes to push the boundaries in her stories. But what I really enjoyed was that Ruby is pleasantly surprised at the end with who she hooks up with. 

The ending is very sweet and happy and made me smile. A great read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars