Enslaving the Day
Jenn Langston
Historical Regency

One night’s mistake finds Lady Annalise Hera in a very compromising situation. Pregnant, unmarried, and on her way to Gretna Green. Although Baron Dailey put her in this position, she belatedly realizes she can’t marry him and will do anything to get him to release her. Even lie. After all, life would be better as a disgraced, unwed mother than the wife of a cocky, irritating man she can barely tolerate.

Uncaged Review: If Annalise has quite the reputation as its believed she has – she’s not as innocent as she would have others think, so when she finds herself with child the worrying begins on the outcome this will bring to her and the rest of her family. Thoughts of telling the father occur to her, but remain worthless as the father of her child has a mistress. I really enjoyed this book and have been very lucky to have read both in the series.

This books focuses on the touched by fire series. The series is based on a group of childhood friends who got injured in a fire and there attempts. To find happiness. I think the series is very entertaining and the books can also be enjoyed as standalone reads. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars