Elephant Dreams
Martha Deeringer
Historical/19th Century

Desperate to escape her squalid life on the streets of New York City, sixteen year-old Fiona Finn seeks help at the magnificent Church of the Ascension where Charles Loring Brace, a social reformer horrified by the plight of New York City’s street children, arranges for her to go west aboard an Orphan Train.

Fiona’s homeless, alcoholic father has other plans, however. He wants Fiona to “work” the streets to support his drinking and pursues her across the midwest until she is forced to abandon the train in Houston to avoid a sheriff bent on returning her to her father.

Alone in the dark on the Texas prairie, Fiona’s terrifying experience with a circus elephant, Bolivar, sets the stage for a future she could never have imagined.

Uncaged Review: A young adult book which I thought was just a heartfelt story. I really enjoyed this book and think others will too. Fiona Finn lives on the streets in New York where she is constantly hiding from her dad who wants her to sleep with men for money to fuel his alcohol addiction. Luckily for Fiona there may be someone out there willing to help. I highly recommend this book to others and would read other books by this author too. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars