Serena Sallow

Trapped on a staircase with no end or beginning, a young boy and girl must fight fear, isolation, hallucinations, and the most potent of all killers: themselves.

On the staircase, nothing is certain. Which way is up; which way is down; what is real, or what isn’t. Everything is left open to interpretation. It’s hard to figure out where you’re going when you don’t even know from where you’re coming — but this doesn’t stop our protagonists from doing their best to figure just this out…

Uncaged Review: A simple tale set in a place that holds a staircase. You either go up or down or simply fall to your death. We follow two kids nicknamed Freckles and Screech and their journey on the staircase. I was slightly puzzled with the story at some points as we are given a little glimpse into Freckles life, then thrown back into the mystery of the staircase. I liked the idea of this story but was a bit disappointed at the end. I guess I was hoping for a different outcome. It’s still worth a read though. Reviewed by Jennifer

3 Stars