Earl of Wainthorpe
Collette Cameron
Historical Regency

Could you ever love the unrepentant rake who won you in a wager?

He didn’t gamble on losing his heart when he won her at the gaming tables.
Pierce, the Earl of Wainthorpe has finally thwarted his worst enemy. Except he can’t revel in his victory after winning his foe’s ward in a winner-takes-all wager. If Pierce refuses to assume Bianca Salisbury’s guardianship, the fiery-haired beauty with a matching temper may very well find herself sold to the highest bidder.

The shameful secret she guards makes it impossible to love a rogue.
Desperate to escape her blackguard cousin, Bianca Salisbury ventures to London to find a husband or employment. Instead, she’s bartered to a notorious rakehell. She either risks being compromised and accepts The Earl of Wainthorpe’s protection, or flees him and her guardian. But without money and a place to go, she fears she’ll face the same tragic fate as her mother.

Caution: This romance features a sexy, irredeemable scoundrel determined to thumb his nose at the haut ton, a saucy country miss unafraid to speak her mind but terrified of even a hint of scandal, a unlikely aristocratic matchmaker, a trio of busybody sisters you’ll adore, and a very pregnant calico that is convinced humans are only around for her convenience.

Uncaged Review: So we open this story right at a card table and a very tense stand-off with Pierce and Lord Fairfax, the latter gambling his home and his cousin’s guardianship in the game. Fairfax’s cousin, Bianca, is mortified that he’s gambling her away, along with the home.

I’m always look forward to reading and reviewing one of Ms. Cameron’s books, I’m always assured she will deliver a wonderful escape that will hold me captive for at least a full afternoon, and this book did not disappoint. This time around, I fell for Pierce within a few pages, and his sisters are a hoot. It took me a tad longer to warm up to Bianca, but when she finally got over her stubborn attitude, she was easy to like and her strength and determination to keep her reputation in tact was admirable, even if it was misdirected at times. The attraction between the two of them simmers under the surface and is fun to watch develop. An entertaining read from start to finish. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars