Earl of Gold
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

Why did he need love if he had gold?

The Earl of Goldthwaite had spent his entire adult life accumulating wealth. It was his life’s goal to never end up as his father had, penniless and rotting in some debtor’s prison. He has no time for such silly notions as love or romance. When he eventually marries, he’ll find a nice heiress to increase his holdings. But when Miss Penny Walters waltzes into his life, he knows she’s all wrong for him. As poor as her name implies, she’s nothing that he wanted. Just another woman attempting to part him from his gold. So why can’t he look away?

Who needed gold when her heart was rich with love?

Penny’s life had been charmed, at least she’d always believed so until the age of twelve. Though her parents had little assets, they’d had enough to be comfortable and their home had been rich with affection. After their death, she’s determined to live the rest of her life the way they taught her. With her whole heart. Her first task was to open an orphanage in a poor London neighborhood. One that would give back to the community. The problem? She needed a loan to make her dream come true. And the one man she might be able to ask for such a sum was…

The miserly Earl of Gold.

It filled her with sick dread but what choice did she have? What she never expected was to find herself drawn to such a man. He’s nothing that she ever wanted and everything she wished to stand against. But the longer she knows him, the more she wonders: is there a soft heart under that hard-shiny veneer of gold?

Uncaged Review: The 7th book in the Lords of Scandal series, and this is my favorite so far. This book yanked me in right away and had me wanting to get back to it whenever I put it down. When an author can take a character that is as unlikeable as Logan, and turn him into a character you love and root for, then the author has done a great job. Penny is the perfect foil for him, to give him back his heart, and Penny’s cause of saving orphans is a winner. The author even manages to weave the Wicked Earl’s Club and connects that world and characters to this one. The nice thing about this series, is you do normally meet past characters in the books, or even characters that will have their own story in the near future. And I really enjoyed the epilogue in this one.

And at the end, you know there is a story with Clarissa coming – with the Earl of Baxter. I’m looking forward to it. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars