Earl of Baxter
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

He’s known as the Earl of Bastards…

If society thinks the nickname is an insult, they are sorely mistaken. Mason, the Earl of Baxter, has grown up knowing he’s the illegitimate son of the Duke of Devonshire, otherwise known as the Demon Duke. He’ll join his father in hell before he bows before any man or woman of the peerage.

She’s an orphan with a dark secret…

Most think Clarissa is a saint. She’s tended wounded soldiers and helped raise forgotten children. But she is not all that she appears and there are dark secrets in her past that threaten her tenuous opportunities for the future. No one can know how she managed to escape…except one man already does…the Earl of Baxter.

And what he’ll do with that information is anyone’s guess.

She can’t control him anymore that she can the loud thrumming of her heart anytime the man walks into the room. But when specters from her past begin to circle closer she must make a choice. Does she trust the Earl of Bastards? And if she does, will she lose her heart?

Uncaged Review: This book is a very cleverly written story, it hits on two series that are running. First off, it’s in the Wicked Earls Club – a series that has many books with contributions from several authors and it hits on the Lords of Scandal series. In this book, we get the story of Mason and Clarissa. Mason is known as the Earl of Bastards, his title gifted to him from his brother Bash, a Duke. He is the result of an affair of his father’s, and was hated by him. When he goes off to war and is badly wounded, a young girl helps to nurse him back to health and he vows to find her one day and help her.

This book jumps in right after the happenings of the last book in the series, Earl of Gold. When Mason sees Clarissa at the wedding of Logan and Penny, he knows it’s the same girl who gave him a reason to live all those years ago. But both of these characters will need to heal from a childhood and maybe, just maybe they can heal each other.

This is a nice addition to both of the series, and the book moves along nicely. I was already invested before I picked up the book, as this is one of my favorite series from this author, but the book stands on its own as a good story and a great page turner. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars