Duchess of His Heart
Collette Cameron
Historical Regency

He once loved her beyond all reason. Dare he risk heartbreak again?

Leaving her first love behind was the hardest thing Regine, Duchess of Heartwaite, had ever done. Her marriage of convenience to another man saved her family, even as it laid waste to her heart. That was years ago, however. Now widowed, she’s ready to begin her life anew. But all it takes is one glimpse of her former sweetheart to realize the feelings she buried so long ago are still there, stronger than ever. Unfortunately, his feelings for her are decidedly colder…

Solicitor James Brentwood has only one mistress these days—his work. Being jilted by his betrothed taught him love simply wasn’t worth the cost. But Regine is back in England now, more beautiful and alluring than ever. And it’s not long before he begins to feel things he has no business feeling. Especially not for her. Not again.

But when a nemesis intent on destroying Regine emerges, it’s James who must come to her rescue. Can they overcome their differences and painful past to claim their happily ever after? Or will their second chance at love end as disastrously as their first?

Uncaged Review: A wonderful second chance romance and a fitting story to this series and for James, who we met previously in the series and truly gives us insight on who James is and how he became the man he is. When the love of his life leaves him, marrying a Duke for convenience – James is heartbroken and throws himself into his work. But when Regine comes back to London, two years after her husband passes away – James has a hard time tamping down his feelings and when they continue to be invited to the same gatherings, avoiding her will be difficult.

This is a sweet story of second chances and this author can draw in the reader from the very first pages. Even though this is part of a series and characters reoccur, they can be read as standalones and you won’t be lost. A charming story that historical romance readers will enjoy. Reviewed by Cyrene