Drawing Bloodlines
Deborah Garland
Paranormal Romance

Dr. Alexander Manning’s vampire allegiant demands loyalty and secrecy. Keeping their existence hidden from humans is the Prime Directive. So when he accidentally reveals himself to a woman, a beautiful woman he can’t resist, he’s forced to make a choice: report her to his commander or ‘deal’ with her himself.

Both Alex’s loyalty and secrecy are tested.

Elizabeth should be afraid of tall, handsome, god-like Alexander, who she’s figured out is a vampire. Knowing he’ll come for her, she prepares for the worst and even considers sending her daughter away to live with her ex.

Alexander shows up, not to harm her though. To seduce her. Nights of unending pleasure however take a very serious turn, neither was expecting.

Until Alex’s past catches up to him and threatens to destroy his precious secretive world with Elizabeth and loyalty to her and her adorable seven-year-old daughter.

Will Alex obey his allegiant commander and submit to a woman he hates, or fight?

Never force a vampire to mate…

Uncaged Review: I haven’t read a good vampire romance in some time, and this is a nice start to a new series. It did start a little slow for me, and that could have been from the switching point of views from chapter to chapter. I think it might have made it easier if it was made clear in the beginning of the chapter whose point of view we were reading from. I like reading from both characters, but it can be confusing when you have to read a couple lines from the first paragraph or two to find out who you are dealing with. I did get used to it quickly enough and the book ramped up quite a bit after about 25% in and then this book turns into that “hard to put down” category.

I liked the chemistry of Alex and Elizabeth and there is enough suspense to keep you flipping the pages. This is a steamy romance with a fresh take on this genre and I even enjoyed some of the secondary characters that I hope will be in the future installments. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars