Dragon Rising
Linsey Hall
Urban Fantasy

The epic finale to this hit series!

Acius, the darkest fallen angel in the world, knows what I am. And he wants me—to be his queen, to be his puppet. He’ll stop at nothing, which leaves me with only one choice.

Kill him.

Normally, my prey run from me. But he’s the hunter too. When he delivers word of his plan to destroy Magic’s Bend with an enormous serpent, it’s obviously a trap meant to ensnare me.

But I have no choice. To save my town, I must skirt the edge of death. I must outrun him and outwit him, or we will all lose—our homes, our lives. Everything.

Uncaged Review: The fourth and final book in this series and it takes the finale to another level. With the dark fallen angel Acius, wanting to detroy Magic Bend, and Aeri to be his pawn – so the group will have to go big – or lose everything. This is a fantastic finale, the action is non-stop – sprinkled with humor and Declan and Aeri finally acknowledge their feelings to each other. This is a fitting conclusion to this series and I clung to the pages. Even though Aeri’s series is completed in this set, Mari’s story will continue on and I’m looking forward to staying in this world the author built a little bit longer. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars