Dirty Laundry
J.D. Monroe
Fantasy Short

Charity Pierson is a southern-bred monster hunter, made of equal parts sugar, sass, and Southern Comfort. Trouble has a way of finding her, even when she’s not looking. In this exciting prequel short story to the upcoming novel SWEET CHERRY PIE, Charity finds herself on the hunt for a family of ghouls terrorizing a small town in Alabama. However, Charity quickly learns that the locals may be more of a threat than the restless undead.

Uncaged Review: This short prequel introduces us to Charity, who is a monster hunter, and in this quick read, she dispatches a family of ghouls that are picnicking on people’s pets. It’s a quick read and you get a good sense of her personality and getting a pair of her favorite jeans blood-free.

What I didn’t get from the story, is what she does for a living. Does someone pay her to hunt monsters? Does she have a regular job? So there are a few things that I had questions on, some that might have shed some light better on her, but it does give a good idea of where the author is going with this series. I do look forward to the first full length book in the series.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars