Destroying Dominic
Ginger Ring
Contemporary Mafia Romance


I don’t dance.

I don’t date.

I don’t fall in love.

But there’s one woman who does intrigue me—Stephanie Barclay, the best friend of my boss’s wife. The same boss who wants Stephanie dead.

What’s the use? I make people disappear for the mob. What self-respecting woman would want to spend her life with a cleaner? That ship sailed a long time ago. Besides, relationships make you weak. But what if she is already a target? 


I plan weddings.

I make people’s dreams come true. 

I write stories about the love of a lifetime, but where’s my happily-ever-after and white dress?

My past is a nightmare, a death sentence for anyone who discovers it. No one would be able to see beyond my background—except Dominic Scarlatti, the man who just a couple months ago killed and buried a monster for me. 

He may be a nightmare to others, but I’m determined to make him my hero. Even if it kills me.

Uncaged Review: I’ve read the other books in this series, and I was thrilled to learn that Dominic was going to get his story this time out. The mystery and background on what/who made Dominic, the cleaner for the mob, who he is, is all revealed. And we learn about Stephanie – a lady hiding from her past, and working for, and best friend to Madison. All out favorites are back, especially Roman and Madison.

I only have two minor complaints on this. There was a lot of Dom and Stephanie dancing around each other – I think that was a bit overdone, I felt like locking the two of them in a small room and leaving them there so they had to actually talk to each other instead of over thinking everything. Secondly, although I liked the outcome, the ending was a little too pristine for a mafia group.

Even if you’ve never tried a mafia romance, this author is well worth a look. With a strong supporting cast and even a new player to the scene, Jasper (are we going to get more on him please?)– this series will draw you in and you will be completely engaged. Romance, danger and mystery are all strung together nicely in this story. And it was nice to see that Roman has not gone soft and Madison can still keep him in line. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars