Demon Curse
Linsey Hall
Urban Fantasy

Life has gotten a bit dicey, lately. Which is a major understatement. My normal gig as a demon slayer turns extra deadly when a group of them attacks my home. I manage to take them out, but not before it’s too late. My sister and I are hit by the deadly fire veins curse. We have only days to find a cure, so we’ve got to split up to cover more ground.

I’m lucky to have access to Declan, one of the most powerful fallen angels in the world. Not to mention, one of the hottest. One that I’m falling for faster than I like. But he’s the guy with the skill to help me find the cure, and I need all the help I can get.

As we hunt for the cure to the curse that’s killing me, we uncover that threat is far greater than I’d even realized. There’s a mystery here, one that could tear my whole world apart. I just need to figure out what it is.

Uncaged Review: This is a fast paced story – and this time, Aeri and Mari are hit with a curse – and it will kill them in days if they don’t get the antidote in time. Problem is, as they are searching for clues, Mari is kidnapped. And not just by anyone, by one of the oldest and most powerful of the Fallen Angels, one who is pure evil and very powerful. Aeri will need all the help she can drum up to save herself and her sister.

This story doesn’t let up on the gas, and it’s full steam ahead. Declan and Aeri are getting closer, even with the nullifying curse inside Aeri. This is a fantastic series that keeps ramping up, and the 4th and final book is out and I am looking forward to reading it, although a bit sad that it will be over.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars

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