Death & Desire
Deborah Wilde
Urban Fantasy

Angel of Death.

Black market magic.

When you’re Ashira Cohen, smart is the new kickass.

When Ash is hired to solve her first murder, it seems like a perfectly normal, open-and-shut case of family feuds and bad blood. Until Ash discovers an evil magical artifact and her lead suspect is of the winged, white-robed, celestial variety. As if that weren’t bad enough, if she can’t find the perpetrator quickly, fourteen vials of lethal, ghostly magic will be sold to the highest bidder.

Her quest to figure out her Jezebel powers and find the shadowy organization responsible for stripping teens of their magic isn’t going any smoother, either. Can’t a girl just pursue her dream career without getting caught up in a mysterious destiny or playing a dangerous Sherlock-Moriarty game with her annoyingly hot nemesis?

But when Ash accidentally crosses the cunning and deadly Queen of Hearts, ruler of the magic black market, all those cases may go unresolved.


With the clock ticking, it’ll take all of Ash’s intelligence to survive with her moral center–and her head–intact. The game is afoot and failure is not an option.

Uncaged Review: Ash is coming to terms with her Jezebel magic, and to being the Private Investigator she’s always dreamed of. When she gets a hold of a magical artifact during a case, it’s siren song is hard to resist. On top of all of that, her deal with the Queen of Hedon to get the vials of smudge back is becoming more and more twisted.

This book has this story coming along nicely, and the romance between Ash and Levi continues to slowly climb in intensity. This author is known for her snarky bad-ass characters and Ashira is no shrinking violet, but the author doesn’t make the character over the top and hard to like, Ash is definitely a character that grabs hold of the reader. Along with the mish mash of a supporting cast, this series is one to cozy up to and be ready for a fun ride. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars