Day of the Dead
Nikki Landis

My Cosan is broken …
One of my guys has been taken and I’ll do whatever it takes to bring him back.
No one messes with my family.

Torn between my duty and my heart, I have to make a choice that could destroy the council and everything my ancestors fought so hard to build. The Salem Witch Trials began our fight for independence, but the true test of honor and skill has just begun.
There’s only one tiny problem.
I’ve been magically restricted by the council.
I’m forbidden to leave Mystic Hallows.

The ancestors reveal a shocking twist that changes everything. Forced to return to the fade, I have to confront the recent past and the bitter taint on my soul.
Worse, I have to save the person I love most in this world while fighting off the demon Beelzebub and his group of damned witches.
And to do so, I’ll have to walk among the dead.

Uncaged Review: In the fifth episode in this series – Cassie’s mother, Elizabeth has been stolen and her soul is in the Fade. With Ryder missing, she will have to break a lot of rules to go in after her, and she’ll have to depend on a couple of beings that she has never trusted. There are a couple really good twists that show up near the end of the book, that are scene stoppers. I won’t give anything more away, but not everything is as it seems in this story. Cassie has been magically grounded by the counsel, so she’s going to have find a loophole, and the one they use could be a matter of life or death.

I would caution anyone that wants to begin the series to start at the beginning. The author does a nice job catching you up in the front of the book, but it’s a good series. And the heat level is rising fast, as the author promised. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars