Dark Moon
Jessica Marting

Edgar Burgess has devoted his life to keeping New York free of vampires, and is usually successful at sensing and staking them… at least until the night his beautiful next door neighbor and unrequited love is enthralled and kidnapped by one. Finding Molly McKillip becomes his life’s focus at the expense of everything else.

Molly has always liked the rambunctious Burgess family, especially Edgar, but she never thought she would see them again after being lured away from her boarding house by a monster. Edgar’s rescuing her from a vampire den is a shocking and unexpected surprise, and it’s only the first one he has to deliver. Hearing him pour his heart out to her is the second. But before they can sort through their feelings for each other, they have one thing left to do: eliminate the vampire that’s still stalking Molly.

Uncaged Review: A throw back in time, back to the 1800’s New York City, and the city is infested with vampires. Vampire hunters known as Searchers, have the inherited ability from their dhampir ancestors to be able to sense when a vampire is near. Edgar and his family are born Searchers, and when their widowed neighbor goes missing, Edgar hunts daily never giving up his search.

Since this is novella length, I won’t go into any more details, but the book was a nice switch from all the modern day vampire books on the market, they have holy water, crosses and stakes to do the job, not any fancy weaponry. There are no hero vampires in this book. Very refreshing and unique. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars