Dark Love
T.L. Clark

Jonathan (our gorgeous Submissive) has his attention diverted by another but it leaves him conflicted and confused.
Can he turn away from the only kind of love he has ever known, to explore new avenues? Can he like vanilla?

Uncaged Review: John had a horrible upbringing in life it wasn’t until he started working for a powerful woman called Mel that John felt like he had a place in life. By day he works for his boss like normal and at night it’s a whole other ball game.Whips and handcuffs come out to play and everything is good until John looks at another woman who works at the office. Much to his mistress’ annoyance.

This is a book that explores a dom/sub relationship. But I think it’s quite graphic in some of the sexual activity. There’s even a point where John’s mistress goes overboard with her actions despite John using his safe word. This may be a little upsetting to some readers.

The basis of the story line has a positive message that even though boundaries are pushed to the limit in this story love does indeed conquer all.
Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars