Dark Child of Forever
S.K. Ryder
Paranormal Romance

A reluctant new Lord of Night. His vulnerable human queen. If they can’t change five thousand years of history now, it will change them. Forever. 

Fate has cast vampire Dominic Marchant and the human love of his life, Cassidy Chandler, into roles they never imagined. Thanks to his mad sire, he is now the Lord of Night, and Cassidy, with her unique ability to merge her mind with his, has become the incongruous mortal queen of his immortal kingdom. Even as he dreams of seeing the sun again and she can’t imagine becoming a vampire, they vow to reshape their domain into a world where vampires feed on love rather than fear and leave their prey swooning instead of dead.

But not all their subjects are pleased with the change in leadership. A powerful ancient vampire and his cadre of followers serve Dominic his greatest challenge yet just when reclaiming the day looks like a real possibility. Soon friends turn up in ashes, and Cassidy and his human family become targets in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that leads them and their unlikely, vampire-hunting allies deep into the wilds of the Canadian Rockies–and straight into their worst nightmares.

With their lives and the very existence of the world of night hanging in the balance, Dominic and Cassidy must decide whether to chase an impossible dream or finally embrace their dark destiny.

Uncaged Review: This is the final book in the Dark Destinies trilogy, and the author brings it home with a bang. I read the first two books in the series, and I have to say, this is my favorite, even though the other two got 5 stars from me also. But this book brings it all together – everything Dominic and Cassidy has fought for, all the answers and all the feels.

Dominic and Cassidy’s bond is stronger than ever, and Dominic finally embraces his role of Lord of the Night. He comes to accept his immortality and his role in the vampire world. But don’t get too comfortable, there is plenty of danger and action in this book, and it will have you on the edge of your seat. The secondary characters also grow and evolve, and the friendship between Jackson and Dominic, and even Cassidy shows that no mountain is too high to climb. Even Garrett works with Dominic on an honest level – something we never would have believed not too long ago.

For vampire lovers, this is a trilogy that you need to pick up. It just gets better and better, unlike other series that start to drag, this one picks up speed as it goes. I’m sad to see it end as I’ve grown to love these characters, but the ending leaves no stone unturned and it is an honorable addition, and ending, to a fantastic series. It’s definitely going on my to-be-read-again pile. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars