Dark Awakening
S.K. Ryder

Reality as he knows it is about to change–into a nightmare without end.

A mysterious black mega yacht drops anchor off Saint Barthélemy’s idyllic Caribbean shores. The profound unease the vessel stirs in resident Dominic Marchant turns out to be justified when he draws the unwelcome attention of the yacht’s ancient and powerful master.

Soon Dominic discovers that not only are vampires real, he has become one. His supernatural abilities are shocking. His appetites are terrifying. And his once charmed life seems as lost as the sun. 

But worst of all, he has been made a pawn in a macabre game with those he loves most. There is only one rule–kill or be killed.

Will the price of freedom be what’s left of his soul?

Uncaged Review: I’ve read the entire Dark Destinies series and this prequel is going back and showing us how Dominic became a vampire, and the origins are dark, gritty, raw and horrible for Dominic. Like the rest of the series, this book is fast paced and after reading this prequel, I have even more love for the Dominic I came to know in the full series. A worthy prequel to the series. For those who read this first before the series, this series gets better with each installment and will satisfy even the strongest of the vampire fans. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars