Crazy for Alice
Alex Dunn
Young Adult/Horror

Donnie Darko meets Pleasantville in this dark urban fantasy about sixteen-year-old Ben Howard. When Ben accidently kills his father and is sectioned after a failed suicide attempt, he escapes the guilt by seeking solace deep within the recesses of his own mind. ..

Uncaged Review: Ben who finds it hard to cope with life after a failed suicide attempt. Realizes that when he is upset he travels to a sort of fantasy world where everything appears dull and grey. Upon making this discovery he meets a young girl by the name of Alice the two hit it off and Ben really wants to stay there. But can’t.

I like the sound of this pretend world when u feel sad you can travel to it and make other’s like yourself. The storyline had a fun concept to hide some messy problem’s that some of the character’s had. Well worth a read. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars