Burn the Dead
Steven Jenkins

It’s a dirty job – but someone’s got to do it.

Robert Stephenson burns zombies for a living.

It’s a profession that pays the bills and plays tricks on the mind. Still, his life is routine until his four-year-old son becomes stranded in a quarantined zone, teeming with rotters.

Does Rob have what it takes to fight the undead and put his broken family back together?

Or will he also end up in the incinerator – burning with the rest of the dead?

Uncaged Review: Rob’s job means he has to burn the infected, chopping off their head doesn’t work in this world, so they tranquilize them, tie them down and muzzle them – ship them off to be burned. Rob has burned many, and when he gets to his last 4 bodies for the day, his wife is one of the four of the infected he has to burn. Overwhelmed, he tries to get home, to find his whole neighborhood blocked off, and his 4 year old son is not on the list of safe or infected at the barricades. His whole section of town is cut off, and he has to find a way in to find his son.
All the zombie genre is tragic, and this genre really brings out the half crazed. This story is not overly long, but it’s a bit repetitive and drawn out in spots, but a little more realistic with an average person trying to survive. This book is all one man’s point of view – so you really don’t get any idea about how the virus started, or how the fate of the world is. You get a couple days in the life on one average man, not a super hero, or an ex-military, just an average man trying to get to his son, and finding out more about a couple of neighbors than he probably wanted to.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars