Blood Born
Rayanne Haines
Paranormal Romance

The week before Olivia Dawson died, everything changed. Her little publishing house that could started pumping out best-sellers. A mysterious uncle passed away, leaving her a penthouse loft looking over Central Park. And her experimental cancer treatments finally seemed to be working. Who could’ve known that after her death life would literally suck.

She could do without craving her sexy new sire’s blood and the fact that her death had been rather brutal, thank you very much. Now, the shadows that go bump in the night were calling her the Vessel, bowing at her feet, expecting her to fulfill a prophecy. And wasn’t that a lot to live up to. Still, Olivia had a bad feeling that if she didn’t take them up on the offer, she’d soon find herself deader than dead.

Rhys Callas has ambitions. He’d been raised to rule. Had plans to free his people from living in the shadows. He wasn’t called the King of New York because he played nice. Now with the help of the guardians and the vessel he’d soon be the leader of the North American vampires. All he had to do was find an assassin, keep the other vampire factions at bay, keep the guardian Domhall Taleisin out of his hair, and keep Miss Olivia Dawson undead long enough to woo her. Best laid plans, right?

Soon enough Rhys and Olivia find out fighting for her undead life could mean the difference between a real future or oblivion for the entire vampire race.

Uncaged Review: Book 4 of the Guardian series gives us the story of Rhys and Olivia. Olivia is prophesized to be the Queen of the Vampires, by being a Vessel and born as half human, half vampire – and Rhys is the one who is protecting her. Owning a publishing company with her sister, Olivia has cancer and is trying her hardest to get her affairs in order for her younger sister, and little does she know, the trial that she’s in really has her being infused with synthetic blood and Rhys blood. It won’t cure the cancer, but it will help her stay alive a bit longer in her human life and mask her from other vampires. But all doesn’t go well, and she attacked by rogue vampires and left to die. Rhys gets to her and takes her home to watch over her while she turns to full vampire upon her human death.

This is a fantastic addition to this series and we see a few of the characters from the past return, and honestly, it took me awhile to really like Olivia. I thought she was overly brash, but when she finally came to accept who and what she was, she became the strong leader she was meant to be. Betrayal, romance and some very fun dialog keeps this a true page turner. I had actually been a bit sad when this book ended, as I love this series. Keep writing Ms. Haines. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars