Black Magic Voodoo
Nikki Landis

Cassie Howe is a descendant of one of the famous Salem witches.

Each year Samhain and the festival of the dead marks the new year, an end to the old while embracing the new. As Cassie begins the month-long celebration, she encounters a dark and sinister presence that threatens the balance of her world. Joined by a cast of unlikely heroes, Cassie will confront her darkest fears and seek to find a rogue witch who kills without mercy. Does Cassie have enough courage to stand up against true evil before it’s too late?

Something wicked this way comes . . .

Uncaged Review: This is very fun and original book, and I was completely immersed in it until I finished it. Cassie is one of the original descendants of the Salem witches bloodlines, and as her family and others in Mystic Hallows start their month long celebration, a rogue and evil witch is targeting Cassie, and she’ll need her ancestors and her odd group of Cosan, or protectors. This is setting up to be a reverse harem book, but there wasn’t much heat in this one, but the author promises the heat levels will rise with each installment.

All the characters are likeable and original, even with all the magic books on the market, the author keeps her voice and the story her own, and how the she manages to toss in a bit of pop culture keeps the books relevant. My only beef with the book was the cliffhanger – but since there are already 4 of the 13 planned books out, I wasn’t overly upset. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars