Beyond Forever
Rhonda Frankhouser

Wise beyond her thirty-three years, advice columnist, Lily Anne Fincher, relishes being the consummate wall on which everyone leans. It gives her life purpose and makes her feel needed and loved even when people ignore her advice. She never considers the possibility of her own happily ever after, until she catches the shy, handsome guy in a three-piece suit, watching her from behind a newspaper in the downstairs coffee shop.Stoic investment banker, David Morris, never plans on falling for a younger woman, especially a stubborn, rough-around-the-edges, journalist. They come from such different backgrounds. It seems unfathomable, but her easy confidence and flirtatious smiles makes his blood pressure rise. When she finally works up the nerve to approach him, he can’t avoid her. Determined not to allow anything to ruin their chance at forever, Lily ignores the signs of looming disaster. Is this the end of their fairy tale? Or just the beginning?

Uncaged Review: I’ve never read a book quite like this one. So emotional, so heartbreaking, so heartwarming. Just make sure you have a tissue box handy, because you will cry over the heartbreak, and over bittersweet moments, and over the love shared between Lily and Kisa. This is a sad story, but full of wonderful and beautiful moments. And even a happy ending, of sorts. One I re-read a couple of times.

It will break your heart but it will also fill your soul. It will also give you hope – and warm your heart with an end that you wouldn’t see coming as you read. One thing this book will do, is not only dare you to put it down and quit reading, but it will also remind you that every day is a gift, and there are no guarantees. So truly live your life, don’t back out of it. And what I can say about this book, is don’t back down from the book either, keep going, even if you feel you can’t. After the author wrings you dry, she will give it all back in final chapters and have your heart soar. Five stars isn’t really enough. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars