A top read for January.

Between Midnight and Dawn
Cheryl Yeko
Romantic Suspense

Nicole Chambers’ track record with men is bad. Very bad. She’s sworn off dating for the foreseeable future. Recovering from an assault by the last man she’d only casually dated, Nicole is attacked again in her rural home. If not for the hot guy who showed up about her rental cottage, she would have been dead for sure.
Her self-imposed sabbatical is soon tested when he moves into her backyard.
Kyle’s mother was kidnapped and murdered when he was just a kid. Filled with rage and a determination to hunt down the man who became known as the Clove Hitch Killer, he goes into law enforcement. When his efforts lead him to Nicole Chambers, he falls for her completely.
Now he’s torn between keeping her safe, or using her as bait to capture a killer.

Uncaged Review: Nicole is a women who survived abuse from an ex-boyfriend, and with her injuries, she lost some of her hearing, temporarily. Nicole is petite, beautiful and a redhead, and exactly the type of victim the serial killer goes for, a serial killer known as The Clove Hitch Killer, Allan Barber, and he’s been eluding the police for over twenty years. He’s been stalking Nicole for days, obsessed with her being his next “toy.” But what he didn’t count on was Kyle. Kyle is a cop that has been trying to catch Barber for years, as Barber is the one that killed Kyle’s mother. When he discovers that Nicole is his next victim, he rents the cottage in her backyard as a way to protect her and catch the killer. But things don’t always go as planned, and he never planned to fall in love with his landlord…
This is an edge of your seat thrilling suspense. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but for fans of crime shows on TV, this will hit a homerun. The emotions that Nicole faces, are realistic and the author draws you in and keeps the tensions high. Fast paced action, a great suspense and a hot romance, make it a highly recommended read. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars