Better Together
Annalisa Carr
Contemporary Romance

Juggling the demands of her troublesome family and a fledgling career means struggling artist Tallulah Becks has no room for romance in her life . . . at least until she bumps into sizzling CEO Aiden Marlowe.

Pressured by his father to return to the family business, Aiden encounters the beguiling Tallulah on his first day back in London.

As his family’s personal and financial problems threaten to overwhelm him, Tallulah is the distraction he needs—if only he can change her mind about where love fits into her schedule.

Uncaged Review: When Aiden gets a phone call from his ill father he doesn’t expect his own life to dramatically change. Faced with numerous obstacles he is in for a difficult time. The storyline of this was very simple but comical. It has me in stitches the whole way through I was desperate to read on to find out what happened next.
Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars