Beautiful Darkness
Victoria Zak

Step into the sexy world of the Fae Vampire sisters from the Scottish Highlands….

The Highlands are full of magic and fae trickery. Adaira, Leana, and Masie Keith know this all too well. Destined to change their fate, but unprepared for the truth, their journey begins as the sisters grow accustomed to their dark sides—forever beautiful—forever blood drinkers—forever Baobhan sith.

Accused of murdering their laird’s son, Masie and her sisters flee their home.

Masie is immediately conflicted, especially after she’s captured by Clan Gunn and falls in love with the laird’s brother. Her true identity must remain a secret. For if she tells her Highlander who and what she really is, she could be burned as a witch. And Masie would never endanger her beloved sisters.

Uncaged Review: This book was intriguing to me, to see how the author was going to combine paranormal with historical – and a highlander at that. Three sisters, who have witnessed the abuse of their mother for years by their ruthless father, try to change their fates by seeing if the tales were true of the Fairy Queen. For their wishes to come true, they must leave their home and go with the Queen. They become something they never wanted – vampires. The youngest, Masie is at the heart of this book.

This may seem way out there, but the author does a good job with it, and pulls it off. When the girls are seen on a battlefield and taken hostage by the a rival clan, we meet Kerr, a warrior in the Gunn Clan, who begins to fall for Masie, even though he believes they are spies.

It’s a fast paced story, and quite different from other paranormal/historical books I’ve read. The characters are likeable and you can get attached to them easily. My biggest rant is it ended on a pretty major cliffhanger. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars