Angel’s Flight
Ella Summers
Urban Fantasy

The old saying is true. Knowledge really is power, especially when angels and gods play the game.

The original Immortals, masters of magic, once reigned over every world in the known universe—until they suddenly vanished. The gods and demons have been fighting over the remains of their fractured empire ever since.

Millennia later, new angel Leda, a soldier in the gods’ army, is recuperating from her transformation. Her recovery is cut short, however, when a curse strikes New York City, a spell targeted directly at the Legion of Angels. Even as the Legion’s soldiers succumb to wrath, jealousy, and fear, the beasts on the plains of monsters are growing in numbers and power. And the longer Leda and her archangel lover Nero investigate these phenomena, the closer they come to the ancient secret that destroyed the Immortals—and that now threatens to tear the Earth apart.

Uncaged Review: This is a series that I jump on as soon as the latest book is out. It’s also a series that I wish I had the time to go back to the beginning and re-read. This book starts out right after the previous one, and Leda is a new angel, getting used to her new powers and wings. But she doesn’t get much downtime before the action starts. This book is non-stop, with a nice dash of romance and Nero and Leda’s relationship continues to build and strengthen. On top of everything else going on, controlled monsters are getting into Purgatory, and whomever is controlling them needs to be stopped before the monsters take over.
The action, humor and romance are all present, and this is a series that just keeps getting better and better. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars