Angel Fire
Ella Summers

Cadence Lightbringer, daughter of an archangel, has trained from birth to one day drink the Nectar of the gods and ascend to the angels’ ranks. She’s always been the perfect soldier. She’s always known exactly where her life is headed.

Until she is assigned to a mission with Damiel Dragonsire, Master Interrogator of the Legion of Angels.

Powerful, paranoid, and brutally intelligent, Damiel has built up a reputation for hunting down each and every traitor hiding within the Legion’s ranks. And his latest suspect is Cadence. Convinced she is not the perfect soldier everyone believes her to be, he will stop at nothing to expose her.

Uncaged Review: This is a prequel trilogy to the Legion of Angel series, and we learn about Nero’s parents and their journey and that will give us better insight into Nero’s magic and according to the author, will enhance our reading of the Legion of Angels series, which is one of my favorite series. And the first book does not disappoint.

Cadence is a perfect daughter, perfect soldier and has been molded by her father since birth. Damiel is a Master Interrogator – hard, concise, and unforgiving – and doesn’t trust anyone. When the two are assigned together on a mission, they both will find out that neither are what they were led to believe.

There are a few good twists in this, and you don’t see Cadence moving up the ranks like we’ve watched Leda, this is much quicker and the romance – although a slow burn throughout this book, it’s much faster than Nero and Leda. I can’t say that I liked this one as much as the main series, but it’s very enlightening, and I am beginning to have a much clearer picture of Cadence and Damiel. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars