14 Needles, An Unsettling
Aaron Deck
Horror Shorts

Based on fourteen tattoos, this collection of short horror stories will take you on a speculative journey inspired by each piece of art. Imaginative, strange and sometimes funny, the stories in this collection will take you to a military encampment in Afghanistan, through a trinket shop in California, into the secret, gruesome war being waged in the back alleys of civilization. Each tale strikes a different tone, from the horrific to the thrilling.

Uncaged Review: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. Being a genre which I love everything about. I eat live and breathe horror. I felt myself not wanting to start this book straight away in case I was disappointed. As there’s only a handful of new horror writers out there which can actually fit this role. I was pleased that Aaron Deck is one of these writers. This book should be on an up and coming horrors best books to read list. Every page just screams good storytelling at this point in the review I normally say which story’s where my favorite. This time I can’t do this as I loved them all. The author even tells us how he came up with the idea to write this book which in its own way is very cool. I can only hope good things for this fresh horror writer and that Uncaged Books gets chance to read more of his work. In the meantime time prepare to be entertained in all things horror. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars
Violence, sex, language warnings