Uncaged Feature: Love’s Blush by B.A. McIntosh and Elizabeth Spaur

Uncaged Book Feature

 Love’s First Blush
B.A. McIntosh and Elizabeth Spaur
Contemporary/2 Stories in one

Forever Mine by B.A. McIntosh

For Emma Montgomery, family is everything. After spending years with neglectful adoptive parents, she’s finally been reunited with her sister and is following her dreams to become a painter when she witnesses the abduction of Marco Malone. Marco is the hero that had returned her to her family and had broken her heart. He is asking her to trust him so he can protect her but who will protect her heart?

Marco had spent the last two years avoiding Emma to keep her safe. His family was connected to the mob and being a private investigator brought danger and harm to anyone he cared about. With Emma at risk, he has no choice but to bring her into his world as he propels them on a journey that demands they learn to trust each other and their hearts.


“Uh, Marco?” Tony tapped him on the shoulder.


His brother pointed in the direction of the lounge entrance on the other side of the casino. “Buddy, I think you’ve got more problems than you realize.”

A stunning woman walked with confidence, head held high, her arm linked through Frank’s. Her dress clung to her like it was glued on. The color was so close to her skin tone it made it look like she was practically naked.

Sweet heaven above!

Marco’s heartbeat raced like the engine in a Ferrari at the Grand Prix while certain anatomy south of his zipper felt hard as concrete.

A slim, toned, and tan long leg emerged from the high slit on the side of the dress with her every step. Her pale blonde hair hung in loose shimmering waves down to her delectably rounded derriere drawing the attention of every red-blooded man in the damn place.

Marco searched the room and immediately noticed that more than a couple of men were looking in the direction Tony was. He recognized her instantly.

Holy Hell! Emma?

She usually had her hair tied up in a ponytail and he hadn’t realized how gorgeous and long it really was or that she had the most fantastic body he’d ever seen.

He fought the urge to run over and throw his jacket around her, slumping in his seat instead. How in the world was he going to keep her safe? How was he going to continue to maintain his distance and fight his attraction to her? Young, student Emma wasn’t a problem but this siren was an entirely different matter. Shit!

Tony waved a hand in front of his face. “Hello? Marco?”

Marco heard his brother speaking but it was beyond him to make sense of a single word, especially not when he watched Frank emerge from the lounge alone.

Was the man out of his mind? Marco shot up from his stool like someone had taken a cattle prod to him. Had Frank just left the exquisite Emma unescorted in a lounge full of men that were drinking and looking for a good time in Vegas? Oh, no. This shit just wasn’t happening. He stormed toward the lounge, Tony’s laughter ringing in his ears. Life just got infinitely more complicated.

Love Comes After by Elizabeth Spaur

Air Force pilot, Deke McFadden, is forced to turn in his wings after a career ending diagnosis. With his dreams crushed and scattered to the winds, he returns to the family ranch in Las Vegas to find out if there is life after flying. 

After witnessing the murder of her fiancé, Siobhan Gallagher finds refuge with the McFaddens so she can heal and find peace. It’s not an easy task with the handsome Deke home and stirring up feelings that make her wonder what comes after darkness. 

Deke and Siobhan have no idea what the future holds. Their families think they have all the answers. Can two broken souls overcome the odds and learn that true love can come after loss?


It looked like someone had taken the entire contents of an AB Dick warehouse and thrown them in the corner of the garage, while someone else thought a tornado might improve the situation. Siobhan stood staring at her new job, Wade and Deke on either side of her.

She couldn’t look away, but she had no idea where to focus. Paper hung from the ceiling fan. How did they manage that?

“Ummm.” There were no words. She managed to stop staring at what should be declared a disaster area and turned her back on it to face her new employers, who had the grace to look embarrassed.

Red crept up Wade’s neck and Deke’s eyes focused on the ceiling, the ceiling with the fan that had unidentified pieces of paper dangling from it.

She looked at Wade.

“Did these documents do something to you that required punishment of some kind?”

He barked out a laugh. “Paperwork’s not my thing.”

“Really? I would never have guessed.”

It was Deke’s turn to laugh. “You’re going to need that sense of humor.”

She took in what would be her office after she dealt with the two tons of paper. “Looks like I could use a forklift, too.”

“We can help you.”

Wade glared at Deke and punched him in the shoulder. “You promised I wouldn’t touch this stuff anymore.”

“We don’t want her to quit before she’s even started.” Deke gritted his teeth.

Wade closed his eyes and gave a half-hearted shrug. “Fine. We can help.”

She held up her hands. “No. You’ve done enough. If I’m going to do this, though, the office is mine. I organize it how I decide to, no interference.”

“No problem.” Deke agreed. Wade simply ran to the back of the garage and a project involving metal instead of paper. His answer couldn’t have been more clear if he’d said it out loud. She shooed Deke away before turning back to the fiasco that was now her responsibility.

Given that paper littered the floor, appearing stuck in some places, she knew she should pick that up first, make some room for her to move around. But she had to find out what was hanging from the ceiling fan. She waded through the mess to take the papers down. They all documented the same repair. She’d have to ask Wade what Mrs. Belltan had done to him.

Mystery of the fan solved, she studied the office. There was no magical place to start. She’d never admit it to the two men currently focused on separate engines, but she experienced a little thrill when she’d first seen the office. One glance told her that, for what could be the first time in her life, someone needed her.