Uncaged: Welcome back to Uncaged! Your newest release on March 20, is the 5th book in the Heart of a Scot series, To Enchant a Highland Earl. Can you tell readers more about this book and the series?

To Enchant a Highland Earl is a witty, enemies-to-lovers historical romance about Kendra MacKay and Broden McGregor. Set in the early 1700s, the characters in this 8-book series are friends whose paths to happily ever after are rather bumpy. However, despite villains, heartache, and the occasional misunderstanding, they find their hard-won happiness.

Uncaged: Unfortunately, these are very trying times for the world with the COVID-19 virus. How is this affecting you and your writing? Are there any in-person event plans that you have to alter so far?

I was supposed to have attended a conference in Virginia in March, which has been postponed until September. I’m hopeful this crisis will be over by then.

My writing schedule keeps my home, and it’s not unusual for me to not leave the house for a week at a time. So, the social distancing isn’t affecting me as much.

I know there are a lot of my readers are finding this time difficult, and I’m trying to reach out to them and give them a chance to share their feelings and concerns via social media.

Uncaged: What are you working on now that you can tell us about?

I just finished NEVER DANCE WITH A DUKE, the 7th book in my Seductive Scoundrels Series. It was my 41st book! I’m finishing the 2nd Edition of THE EARL’S ENTICEMENT, and I’ll be writing TO BARGAIN WITH A HIGHLAND BUCCANEER next.

Uncaged: Past or present, which authors would you love to sit and have lunch with and why?

I’d love to have lunch with Christi Caldwell, Kathleen Woodiwiss, and Jane Austen. Jane Austen because she was the impetuous for Regency Romance, Kathleen Woodiwiss, because she caused me to fall in love with Historical Romance, and Christi Caldwell, because she, amongst several other historical authors, are amazingly gifted.

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USA Today Bestselling, award-winning author COLLETTE CAMERON® scribbles Scottish and Regency historical romance novels featuring dashing rogues, rakes, and scoundrels and the strong heroines who reform them. Blessed with an overactive and witty muse that won’t stop whispering new romantic romps in her ear, she’s lived in Oregon her entire life. Although she dreams of living in Scotland part-time.

A confessed Cadbury chocoholic, you’ll always find a dash of inspiration and a pinch of humor in her sweet-to-spicy timeless romances®.


To Enchant a Highland Earl
Collette Cameron
Scottish Historical Romance

She knows precisely what she wants…
And it’s not the obstinate Highlander, Broden McGregor. Even if the handsome brute did recently inherit an earldom and a sizable fortune and now must wed to produce an heir. So why doesn’t Kendra object when the womanizing libertine boldly steals a kiss? And why does his promise of more sensual encounters thrill, rather than infuriate?

Fate turned his life upside down…
Not only did Broden inherit a title he never anticipated, someone wants him dead. At great peril to herself, Kendra saves his life, and the stunning lass he once regarded as his nemesis, becomes something more. But as his best friend’s adored sister, she’s off-limits. Besides, Kendra is prickly, opinionated, and holds him in contempt, though he has no idea why.

Antagonism transforms into sizzling desire…
Neither can deny nor resist the passion between them as secrets, temptations, and long-hidden love are revealed. But at what cost?


Now, as he guided Kendra down the passageway, her honeyed heat, mere inches away, beckoned him. As did her perfume, light and tempting with a promise of spring. Fully aware, he flirted with danger and perhaps risked a slap, as well, he bent his neck and inhaled deeply.

Her womanly scent tunneled through him, an intoxicating elixir of femininity and Kendra.

She glanced up, curiosity rather than censure in her amused gaze. A winsome smile played around the edges of her soft, plump lips. “Are ye sniffin’ me, Broden?”

He chuckled as they turned the corner leading to the top of the stairs. No sense in denying the obvious. “Aye, I am. Ye always smell amazin’.”

His superior height gave him a delicious view of the tantalizing hills and valleys her bodice revealed. He was a lecher for taking advantage of it but, damn his eyes, if he could haul his attention away from the lush display.

Desperate for a distraction, he said, “Yer fragrance contains lemon?”

Those winged eyebrows of hers that so often pulled together in annoyance and scorn when in his presence, shied skyward, as a smile just this side of teasing, curved her mouth.

“Are we truly havin’ a discussion about my perfume?” A giggle escaped her, and she clapped a palm over her mouth.

He adored her laugh but was rarely gifted the chance to hear it.

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