December 2016

Top rated reads for issue, Issue 5, December 2016
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The Revenge Artist
Philip Hoy

The Dream Diaries
Philip Hoy

Taming The Beast
Erzabet Bishop

Amy Shannon

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter
C.A. Verstraete

Hazel Hughes

Christina, A Bride for Christmas
Hildie McQueen

Fallen Soldier, Risen Pride
Stevens & Reuther

Heartbreak & Honor
Collette Cameron

Manifesting Destiny
M Pepper Langlinais

Triumph & Treasure
Collette Cameron

In Mistletoe
Tammy L. Bailey

Virtue & Valor
Collette Cameron

A Red Dress for Christmas
Erzabet Bishop

Witch’s Cauldron
Ella Summers

Dark Siren
Dignam & Martinez

If I Wake
Nikki Moyes