September Featured Authors

Deborah Wilde, Anna Lowe, Mary Morgan, Carissa Lynch, Ginger Ring, Sarah Northwood, J.S. Marlo and Brynn Myers

Catch Up with Darlene Kuncytes

Interview with Soul Mate Publishing, the advantages of going with a publisher.

Short story by JB. Woods - Read Part 3-A and a short story from Chrys Cymri


Issue 14, September 2017

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Uncaged Review – What the Clocks Know by Rumer Haven
What the Clocks Know Rumer Haven Horror/Ghosts Twenty-six-year-old Margot sets out on a journey of self-discovery – she dumps her…
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Uncaged Review – Dream Warrior by Trim and Julka
Dream Warrior Trim and Julka Paranormal Erotica Along the edges of darkness, a war of attrition rages between the demon…
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Uncaged Review – Genoa Mafia Series by Ginger Ring with Excerpt!
To read an interview with Ginger Ring, please see the September issue of Uncaged Book Reviews. Crossing Roman Ginger Ring…
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Uncaged Review – The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund
The Crow Girl Erik Axl Sund Suspense/Crime/Noir It begins in a Stockholm city park where the abused body of a…
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Uncaged Review – Down the Tubes by Kate Rigby
Down the Tubes Kate Rigby Contemporary/Abuse It’s the late 1980s and mother of four, Cheryl West, lands herself a job…
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