I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Some of you may not know, but I had lost one of my dachshunds who dug out under the fence and was missing for two days. She is home now, but for two days I was hiking in very densely wooded areas looking for her and as a result, since I have a bad back – I’ve had a hard time getting the April issue of Uncaged Book Reviews ready. Not to fear, it will be ready to go, but will more than likely be ready on Monday, April 2. I don’t want to promise it on April 1, which is Easter – and no this is not an April’s Fools joke. Would have been good though, wouldn’t it? I just don’t want to rush the quality of the magazine.

My hobbit crew – Princess, Cubbie (the one that was missing) and Artie. Pure troublemakers, but can’t help to love them.









So have a Happy Easter and look for Uncaged Book Reviews – April issue on Monday, April 2.